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Rutherford County Landfill
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Recycle Rutherford Right

Remember learning about the 3Rs in school? Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle?


We have 3 new Rs for our community. . .Recycle Rutherford Right!

What does that mean? Our citizens have taken more initiative when it comes to recycling, but we want to give you a few tips to help you do it the right way!

For starters…what items are accepted by our facilities?

  • Aluminum items to include beverage containers

  • Clean and dry cardboard

  • Clear and colored glass including clear beverage containers, food jars, and liquid, wine or liquor bottles

  • Plastic food or beverage containers, shampoo bottles, medicine bottles, detergent bottles, and cleaning bottles

  • Mixed paper to include newspapers and magazines, brown paper bags, and printer paper of any color

  • Finally, we accept tin cans, metal lids, copper/steel, and aluminum

Items must be clean, dried, and bagless. Placing individual items in the recycling containers cuts down on sorting times at facilities. It also decreases the potential for a recycling load to be deemed contaminated, meaning it will just wind up at the landfill anyway.

What items are not accepted at our facilities?

Food contaminated aluminum or cardboard, wet cardboard, Pyrex dishes or other cookware, mirrors or window glass, plastic or wax-coated paper, food or candy wrappers, tissue paper or towels, plastic bags, Styrofoam, oil or antifreeze bottles, and pesticide or herbicide bottles.

So now that you know what you can and can’t recycle and the proper way to do it, we challenge you to. . .